Sample Sale

Sample Sale Rules and Guidelines.....

-First come first served. Email me at with this information to claim your piece....

*What piece you would like to purchase.
*Note your email address for the PayPal invoice to go to
*And if you want it mailed or if you are going to come pick it up.

-Items are display items and have normal wear and tear and have been tried on by others. If a piece is flawed, I will let you know in the description by the price.

-Many of these items have been discontinued, retired and sold out. Some are still in stock if you want to purchase a brand new item. Just ask and I will send you the direct link to my website.

-Items can be shipped for $6 fee ($8 for multiple items). Or you can come pick them up at my house if you live in Austin. Please note if you want it mailed to you.