porfolio page 6: electrons in atoms

by jovaughn henderson

so first thing i wanna talk to you guys about is the electron configuration

to find this you need to refer to the aufbal method (you could also look on the periodic table but this is much easier.)

for example, if oxygen has 8 electrons then the configuration would look like this

1s2, 2s2,2p4

Steps to write a orbital notation

Orbital notations are just as easy to do as electronic configuration.

First things first know this

• s subshells have 1 orbital
• p subshells have 3 orbitals
• d subshells have 5 orbitals
• f subshells have 7 orbitals

Now we are going to try it with oxygen

Oxygen has

1s2 2s2 and 2p4

Now you use the school bus method to do the orbital notation

If you did it correctly then celebrate

Now here's a video to help you with both notations

pictures are above

Electron Configuration and Orbital Notation ChemCast