Big island Rendezvou

Hailey Myers

When we went to the Big island I was partners with Megan Delong.We rode the bus and colored and we did handshakes and we did jokes we fell asleep and almost everything FUN!

When we got there we were so excited at first we heard a sad story about war.Next we went to a guy that looked like a Native american and he talked anout weapones it was cool.The next we went to a guy that made us build and rebuild a house it was so fun.Next thing we did was go to lunch I was so hungry!Then it was trader’s row that’s when you go shopping i got a coyote’s tail it was so soft.Then we lost our group and then we found them we got to chop wood it was fun and it was funny cause i put my tail in my hair.Then we went to a guy that said he was from the eighteen hundreds and told us a story about him.Then we went to go throw tomahawks and i hit the middle of the target i was the only one.Then the parents tried and none of them made it.

Then we all had to get on the bus and leave the bus dropped me and my dad off by are car then we went home.And that’s my story.

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