Overcoming the Obstacles

By: Priya Pai


Life has its ups and downs. We feel triumphant when we experience the ups. But, when it comes to the downs we feel shaken. That's why we need perseverance. Without perseverance we can't overcome the adversities that take place in our lives. So today I am going to name some people who have overcame their adversities. How do you ask? Well.....Perseverance.

Nick Vujicic & Noah Galloway

Let's start off with Nick Vujicic & Noah Galloway. Both of these have unfortunately lost some/all of their limbs. Nick V. was born without any limbs. He had faced an adversity the day he was born. But, he persevered and today he's an author, musician, actor, & he can fish, paint, & swim on his own. If he didn't have any perseverance he wouldn't be able to do the activities a person can do with their limbs. A similar person is Noah Galloway. He unfortunately lost his left arm & a left leg during the Iraq War. Since then he went in depression. But, he persevered by joining " Dancing with the Stars". He won 3rd place despite, the adversity he went through. Without perseverance, he wouldn't be able to accomplish so much.

Inside every dream was a Hollywood Script

The next person I am going to talk about is Stephen J. Cannell. He faced an adversity as well. When he was a child, he always flunked in school. He was transferred 10 times. Later on Stephen found out that he was dyslexic. With his father at his side, Stephen persevered by becoming a famous writer. He also set up his own studio. He became the founder of Cannell Entertainment.
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Jim Valvano

Unfortunately, on April 28, 1993 Jim Valvano died of cancer. But, 2 weeks prior to his death he had given a speech. His speech was an inspiration to everyone. Jimmy V. said that we should do 3 things every day.We should laugh everyday. We should also spend some time in thought, thinking about our actions. The last thing we should do is cry. Not in a bad way. These should be tears of happiness. This shows how we should lead our lives.