Bobcats Paw "Prints"

Week of September 19, 2016

General Information

  • Curriculum night is tomorrow from 6:00-7:15. Please make sure that you read the email with Curriculum night as the subject. We will be making some changes to how the evening will run.
  • Our TIME for Kids kickoff will begin Monday. Don't forget to send home the letter and address booklet. Please encourage your students to bring it back this week. You can even mention it to parents at curriculum night. For every 30 booklets that are returned we will receive $200 to put towards TIME for Kids classroom subscriptions.
  • There are a lot of grants out there that we can be applying for. If you would like to help to write some grants for our school please email me by this Wednesday 9/21.
  • There will be a Kids Plus fire drill around 3:30 on Thursday 9/22. You will not need to evacuate if you are still in the building.
  • You should be getting an MTSS belief survey via email from Holly Niedermeyer. Please take a few minutes to complete it. The goal of our county MTSS team is to have all surveys completed by 9/30.
  • The safety modules that Nurse Karen shared at our opening meeting need to be completed by September 30. If you are having problems logging in please let me know.
  • If you would like to order a shirt with the personalization that Alisha shared please get your shirt to her by October 3. The cost will be $8.60 a shirt to personalize.
  • Please make sure that you are monitoring your students at recess on all areas of the playground.
  • Please make sure that you are checking the cafeteria charges notebook. You only need to open the notebook if your name is on the front of it. If your name is not on the front then you do not have any students with charges greater than $5.

Mark Your Calendar

  • 8/30-9/20 - DE Benchmark A window
  • 9/6-9/26 - mClass BOY window
  • 9/19 - Grades 1-5 curriculum night 6:00-7:15; *Pizza served at 5:15
  • 9/20 - NO SIT subcommittee meetings; PBIS committee will meet at 3:15 in room #15.
  • 9/21 - Boy Scouts information session in the cafeteria: K/1- 1:45, 2/3- 2:05, 4/5- 2:30
  • 9/22 - School pictures in the gym *the schedule is attached to the newsletter email
  • 9/23 - PTO Fun Run: K/1- 8:30, 4/5- 9:20, 2/3- 10:10
  • 9/27 - SIT in the media center at 3:15
  • 9/30 - Early dismissal; Nurse safety modules completed
  • 10/3 - 1st quarter progress reports go home; PTO Chiplote Night
  • 10/4 - Staff meeting at 3:15 in the media center
  • 10/5 - National Walk to School Day; Flu shots 2:30 - 4:30 in the art room *you must have signed up for a time
  • 10/7 - PTO Movie Night
  • 10/11 - Staff PD on Trauma/Mental Health at 3:15 in the media center; PTO Chili's restaurant night
  • 10/13 - PTO Fall Festival 4:30 - 7:30
  • 10/14 - All field trip forms for the school year turned in

Happy September Birthdays!

  • 9/3 - Brenda Richardson
  • 9/6 - Cathy Austin
  • 9/24 - Kelly Kohls
  • 9/26 - Karen Parker
  • 9/27 - Susanne Schafer

Positive Principal Phone Calls

Do you have any parents that you feel like could hear a positive phone call from me? Use this link to submit any names!

"Teamwork Makes the Dream work"