GSRP Staff Newsletter

September 28-October 2

Our First Week with Students!

We had a GREAT START (no pun intended:) to the beginning of the school year for GSRP. Things went exceptionally smooth considering we were starting busing and parent transport procedures for 146 four year olds! Thank you all for your hands on approach, and flexibility as we made adjustments to busing and transport schedules throughout the week.

The week...

Monday, September 28th - Nita here for room 1 - Courtesy visit for nap and rest time.

Tuesday, September 29th- Nita here for play visits.

Susan 4:15- ELA mtg. Central Media Center

Susan 6:30 intake appointment for room 1 new student.

Wednesday, September 30th- Nita here for play visits.Susan at GISD for PBSS coach training. Emergency drill day. There will be both a fire and tornado drill! Please talk with your students about the drills. Natalie will be here to supervise.

Thursday, October 1st- Nita here for play visit in room 2.

Friday, October 2nd - 8:30- Susan mtg with Holly Halabicky, Jennifer Webster, and Heather Williamson regarding room 1 ECSE scheduling.

9:30- Staff meeting for ALL teachers- associate and lead teachers!

MERT team training with Natalie and Susan.

10:00-Natalie will meet with teachers on an individual basis to go over GSRP goals based on PQA results, and to share teacher evaluation information.

Future happenings...

  • GSRP picture day will take place Thursday, October 8th. You will receive packets in your mailbox this Friday. Please send them home with students on Monday, October 5th.
  • Our first early release day for the district is October 7th. Please continue to remind parents that we will NOT have p.m. classes on that day. Teachers and associate teachers will still work and follow your normal p.m. hours. The afternoon will be spent on some Child Care Licensing training and ASQ online entry. If you do not have your ASQ online password, please email Nita and she will get it to you.
  • Valet for drop off and pick up will start on Monday, October 5th. A synervoice call will be going out to parents to remind them. Make sure all of your parents have the pick up signs with their child's name to display in the window to help us expedite pick up. Assignments for associate teachers and monitors were emailed to you last week.
  • Child study process... Natalie, Nita, and I have discussed the procedure for referring GSRP students that you have concerns with. The first step to take is to ensure that the ASQ and ASQ-SE have been administered and scored. The next step is to ensure that Tier I C-SEFEL strategies are being tried and documented. We will have a C-SEFEL refresher training on October 30 with Trina Burnham on the Tier Training for social and emotional health. After you have been through the refresher training, completed the ASQ's and tried recommended strategies for preschool students, we can involve Nita and our social emotional specialist if necessary. Actual Thomson, Siple, or Hill child study referrals would not be completed until at least March after the above mentioned steps for GSRP students have been taken.
  • Please put a reminder in your letter regarding turning the green health appraisal forms into the office. We need them back within 30 days of school starting.

A note from the bus lot...

As you know, we have started the procedure of unloading the morning shuttle buses and housing GSRP students on bus #54 until pick up time. The bus lot has requested that GSRP staff does not get out to buses until 8:30 a.m. This will allow drivers of the shuttle buses to transfer students to 54 before we get out there.

Arrival and Dismissal...

A reminder of arrival and dismissal times:

8:00- Lead teachers arrive

8:15- Associate teachers and monitors arrive

8:30- Unload GSRP students from buses (note the request to not go out earlier)

8:40- Doors open for parent drop off

8:45- a.m. session begins

11:30- GSRP busing students are loaded

11:40- Doors open for parent pick up

11:45-a.m. session ends

11:50-12:30- GSRP teacher lunch

12:30- p.m. buses unload

12:40- Doors open for parent drop off

12:45- p.m. session begins

3:15- Thomson shuttle bus #19 is loaded

3:20- Gates and Siple shuttle buses loaded

3:25- All other buses loaded

3:40- Doors open for parent pick up

3:45- p.m. session ends

4:00- Lead and associate teacher dismissal