Jazzed Up For June

5K Challenge!

$5000 is THE magic number this month!


5 Trunk Shows (average $1000 sales per trunk show) = $5000 in sales

$100 product credit per $1000 sales = $500 in product credits

PLUS $100 for Stellar Sellar

PLUS $100 for completing 3-Calendar Month Consistency Bonus (Apr-May-June) IF you sold $500+ each of those months

That's $700 in Product Credits for the New Line in July!!!

Keep going - you get an $100 for every $1000 you sell

Now let's talk $'s commission

Whoa!!! $5000 in sales = $1500 in commission !!!!

Holy COW!

That's a vacation - bills - or a serious shopping spree!

AND you get $100 Product Credit for every New Stylist you sign up in June and Qualify within her Jump Start! - UNLIMITED!


Sign 'Em Up!

An EXTRA $100 in free product in EVERY level of sign-up for New Stylists this month!

What better time to sign-up that June!

$100 in extra free product! The whole month to earn LOTS of opportunity to earn MORE product credits IN ADDITION to Jump Start Credits (yes...double-dip!) just in time for the New Collection!

And no need to worry about a new collection just about to come - we know what's being retired, so New Stylists can choose their Samples from what's STAYING, and use their Jump Start Credits and Stack-Up Credits to get the New Collection for FREE too!!

Dot Dollars!

They're Back!!

For every $50 spent through June 30th (pre-shipping & tax) customers get $25 Dot Dollars to spend on a $50+ order July 3-11!

Spend $100, get $50 Dot Dollars! (that's $50 off a $100+ order July 3-11!)

It's like getting 50% off July 3-11!! Think Old Navy Super Cash!! It's the same idea.

5K Challenge

Take the 5K Challenge with me!

5 Trunk Shows

$5000 in sales this month

That's at least $600 in Product Credits for the Fall Collection - $700 if you were Qualified in April & May too!!

AND it's at least $1500 in commission!

I KNOW you can do it - YOU DO TOO!

You're a Stylist - This is what you want to do - Go Do It and Show Yourself What You Can Do!