Input and Output

By Eleanor Walter

An input device

An input device sends an instruction to an output device. Input devices are where you have to communicate with other pieces of Hardware and send them an instruction. Input devices need output devices and output devices need input devices. Other examples of Input devices are:

Keyboard- You press the key to tell the computer.

Mouse- You move the mouse to tell the computer to go in that direction.

Camera- You click the button to take a picture.

An output device

An output device receives information given by an input device and follows instructions. If a key was pressed on a keyboard it would be sent to a computer and they computer would follow the instructions given by the input device ( keyboard). Other output devices are:

  • Printer- Receives information from computer to print out something.
  • Speaker- Receives information from phone/iPod to play music.
  • Headphones- Receives information from phone/iPod to project music into headphones.