Life In Dubai

By: Derrick Buttenworsen

Background information

 •English is very common to be spoken in Dubai, and everything from road signs to menus are presented in both Arabic and English.•Dubai contains beautiful beaches, deserts, heritage attractions and luxurious hotels and shopping centers. •This place is incredibly sophisticated, but liberal contemporaneously (lenient dress codes, alcohol provided, etc.)


•Population: 9.21 million•Unemployment rate: 4.20% (yearly)•GDP: 360.00 Billion (USD) (yearly)•GDP Growth Rate: 4.40% (yearly)•Gov. Debt to GDP: 14.60% (yearly) •Consumer Spending: 425183.00 million (AED) (yearly)•Balance of Trade: 470939.00 (AED) (yearly)•Stock Market: 3830.47 index points (monthly) •Stock Market: 3830.47 index points (monthly)

Cost of Living (Basics)

•Restaurants–Meal (Inexpensive Restaurant)- $8.17–Water (0.33 liter)- $0.27–Coke/Pepsi(0.33 liter)- $0.41Market–Milk (1 liter)- $1.36–One Loaf of White Bread (500g)- $1.09–Eggs (12)- $2.50–Pack of Cigarettes (Marlboro)- $2.20•Rent per Month–1-Bedroom Apartment(In City Centre)- $1,500–1-Bed Apt.(Outside City Centre)-$898.42–3- Bed Apt.(In City Centre)- $3,000–3-Bed Apt.(Outside City Centre)- $2,178•Transportation–One-way Ticket(Local Transport)- $1.11–Monthly Pass(Reg. Price)- $52.22–Taxi(Average)- $3.20 (Depending on distance)–Gas(1 liter)- $0.48–Amount for new car(Average)- $18,376.85 Utilities(Monthly)Basic(Electric, Heating, Garbage, Water)- $120.00


 •Though living in Dubai is a bit expensive, the standard of living is phenomenal and there is much to experience in this city of such beauty and recreation.