Syria news on point


It is bordered by Lebanon and Israel on the west, Turkey on the north, Iraq on the east, and Jordan on the south. Syria is a narrow plain, in back of which is a range of coastal mountains, and still farther inland a steppe area.

whats going on in Syria

rebels in Syria

There has been a rebelions in Syria. Rebels ignored the Islamic state in the south.

Syria army had gone mad

syrian army and allies launch a major attack on incent people. syria has gone mad on the weapons that they own and taking advantage. Syria launched an attack on Aleppo. There is a civil war going on in Syria.

Running out

Crops in Syria are going down. There land is mostly made out of desserts. There is lack of crops yet they can still grow wheat. The wheat can make them bread and give them a lot of fiber.


The climate here is so hot. And is made out of mostly deserts. It is dry over Syria and there is a lack of water.


People in Syria are poor and make the bed of it. I talked to people in Syria and said they don't care how they live as long as they are with there family. The people Syria are mixed religions.