Mrs. Rollins Class

Room 104

Reading and Writing Workshop

We will finish out this six weeks by learning more strategies to help us become better readers by working on our fluency. We will learn about phrasing our sentences and paying attention to punctuation as we read!

In writing we will finish up our 1st round of personal narratives. We are working on adding detail to the beginning, middle, and end of our stories. We don't want them to end "and we went home." That's boring! Let's think of better ways to end our stories!!


Ones, Tens, Hundreds place value has been keeping us busy! As we wrap up the 2nd six weeks we will look into growing patterns, capacity and weight! We will be working hard!

Science/Social Studies

Matter= everything---at least that is what your child should be able to tell you! Ask them the difference between solid, liquids, and gases!

This week we will look into the voting process and our elected officials! Bring on the votes!

Red Ribbon Week= lots of fun!

Bat Expert visit was sooo...

COOL!! Dr. Smotherman brought a real bat and everything! He gave us lots of information about bats and the kids really enjoyed it!

Bat Feast= Huge success!

Thanks to all who came helped/participated that could! And thank you for all the donated items! The kids had so much fun! We had great food, fun crafts, and lots of great games!

Congrats to Mallory Marak for being our Fabulous Falcon this week! Watch her video below!


Thank you!

To all those who donated books from the book fair for our classroom! The kids are so excited and can't wait to read them all!

And a big thanks for all the reams of paper that have been donated! We really appreciate it!

Important dates:

November 7- McDonald's Spirit Nite
November 8- Mrs. Rollins out of town, substitute already lined up! The kids will love her!
November 13- Early Release @ 12:45
November 15- Fall Sing-A-Long
November 26- Grandparents Day-look for more info in take home folder soon
November 27-29 Thanksgiving Holiday


Many of you have signed up and have been getting reminders for things like camo day, pajama day, etc. If you haven't signed up--it's not too late!

Just follow these instructions:

Grab Your Phone!

Text @9195c to this number: (469)-518-4264)

You should get a confirmation text! All phone numbers remain private! If you prefer, you can sign up via email.

Don't forget to send your child with a water bottle!! This prevents students from having to leave the classroom and saves valuable instruction time!