The Age Of Exploration

By Ashley Bethell

how did the scientific revolution influence sea voyages?

The scientific revolution was a big time in the 17th century, europeans started to invent new creations to help out life. Like a famous scientist Sir Isaac Newton studied gravity and came up with a new system of maths called calculus. These scientists changed the way we look at our solar system, so that probably influenced explorers too go out and discover what was out there that no one knows about.

What did Ferdinand Magellan do for the Age of Exploration?

Ferdinand Magellan was credited for sailing around the whole world but that was a lie. When Magellan was ready to set sail he got all his crew and ships together to sail off, as magellan reached the philippines an attack started and most of magellan's crew were killed during this including himself. Only 18 of his crew members survived and they sailed the rest of the world back home, so magellan didn't actually make it all the round the world but 18 of his crew members did.

What was the impact of the Age of Exploration on the world?

Well the impact was pretty huge at the time period the 'the age of exploration' because explorers were scared to set sail because they thought of dangers that don't actually exist, also lots and lots of wars started because countries were getting invaded by europeans which meant that a lot of natives had there land taken of them and they were then turned into slaves.

How did the new technology of this time period affect the world?

New technology in this time period changed the way we see the world like how Galileo perfected ways how we see our world by inventing the telescope or the way Copernicus said that earth was not the center of the universe the sun was.