The "Great" War


Dear Mary Jane,

The war is brutal, it shows the hatred and evil things humans are capable of doing. This war represents us at our lowest point in humanity. Gassing and murdering millions of people, I'm not sure how much more i can take. We see combat everyday in the trenches I've seen some of my good friends die less than 10 feet away from me. I find it impossible to sleep, I feel as if the next bomb will drop as soon as i close my eyes. Many of us are dying of sickness rather than combat. The war is nothing of what we thought it would be, it is inhumane and we shouldn't need to live in fear like this. Hopefully the war will be over soon, I miss you and Aunt Hazel very much. -Love Daniel

Life In War

Life is great,

Life is fine,

But all this hate,

Is not divine,

People die for their country,

Nationalism being the cause,

Leaders will collect money,

But never understand their flaws,

I'll be home soon honey!

Now hes wrapped in gauze.

This is a tragedy,

To say the least,

Living in pure agony,

The amount of deceased,

Is too much to count,

I just wish we had peace,

And the war would cease.