Science Class

Here is what I think it should look like


The desks should be arranged 2 groups of 6 and 2 groups of 7 so that way we could do the workstations like that. the workstations could be experiments, packets, checking work, and free time.

Lab Supplies/cabnets

I think we should use testtubes, magnifieing glass, and things that real scientist use. We could get cabnets above the sink with all of our lab supplies.

Demonstaration Area


Tecnology/Demonstration area

In terms of tecnology we should use it alot. Like ours ipods, smartboard, tablets, and phone. We should use studying apps. For the demonstaration area we should put a table by the sink with some chairs so that way we can use our lab equipment their  right next to the sink.

Thats my ideas!!!!!