President Andrew Jackson

hero is zero? Defiantly zero!

"king Andrew Jackson"

Andrew Jackson might have been the "common man's" hero but as a president he was most defiantly a zero. As a president you're supposed to follow respect and enforce the rules of the constitution right? Well apparently Jackson didn't know that because he walked all over it. Even before being president he tested the constitution in the Worcester vs. Georgia court case. As president he ignored it also and was called by some people a king because of the way he abused his power and how he ruled with no regard pf the constitution.

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Nullification Crisis and the "Spoils System"

Being such a "common man" and president you'd think Jackson would care more that the south's economy was crashing due to the tariff of 1832. it only benefited the north and hurt the south. Because the tariff South Carolina threatened to succeed! And instead of trying to come up with a compromise first he passed a bill saying that he could use the US army to force South Carolina to pay the bill. He even threatened to hang the senator of South Carolina! Finally they came to an agreement and lowered the tariff. Another thing he did frequently was use the spoils system where he would give government jobs to people that supported him even though most weren't even qualified!

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The Trail of Tears

Jackson was responsible for over 3500 deaths due to the resetting of the Cherokee Indians. He forced 15000 native Americans off their land and onto reservations. He ignored a supreme court ruling and pressured/forced the Native Americans so leave their land a move to Oklahoma by bringing in American soldiers and making them leave. The treatment they were given was horrible and they were treated more like dogs then people just because he didn't like the way they lived. He may have done it for what he thought would help the country but in the end he killed off many Native Americans and went against the supreme court.

Indian Removal Act 1830 Andrew Jackson