Tang Dynasty (618-907 CE)

By: Tiam and Liel

Politics In The Tang Dynasty’s Deriod

The politics in the period of the Tang dynasty had many different parts to it. The rulers in my dynasty expanded china, making it much bigger. The first ruler, Li Yuan expanded most of North and South China. Li Shimin, another ruler, expanded China along the west. Wu Zetain one of the very important empresses, expanded China into Korea. The Tang had a good advantage in getting their power in the first place. The last emperor in the dynasty before the Tang was pretty bad. Li Yuan, defeated other people for the power of China. The Tang ran China nicely and smoothly, and had a great period of prosperity. The rulers in the Tang dynasty had a pretty good grip on their power. The had a good trading system, and they gave the people more food for less money. During the Tang dynasty the arts flourished and they had a period of peace and stability. Their economic and political system was expanding, they had good education, and a trustworthy government. Then later, the people started to decline, and the rulers of the dynasty started to loose their power for a few reasons. Their government started to grow very weak. The rulers started to only care about their own wealth, and didn’t pay attention to the needs of the poor. The Tang rulers didn’t pay the army, so the army was starting to grow very weak. They lost the Chinese’s faith by destroying the temples and monasteries because China was growing too fast. Many people started to rebel. In the end China had a great time of peace and stability in the Tang dynasty, but then it fell apart.
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This map shows how much the Tang Dynasty expanded china and concurred many lands.

Religion In The Tang Dynasty

The religion and social life was a very important part of the tang dynasty. The daily life in the tang dynasty was different for everybody. Rich people had lots of fancy items in their house like baths and mirror. Most men enjoyed hunting, fishing, polo, and a kind of football. Men wore topknots, the shaved their hair except in the center of their head. Woman wore hats that had bells which rung and carried a makeup box that held a mirror, rouge, and lipstick. The main religions were buddhism. daoism,confuianism, and ancestors. buddhism believed that there should be suffering so that you can get through their actions and be reborn from death.The daoism didn’t really urge any competition or activities. The chinese also worshiped there ancestors.

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This image shows one of the many idols that the Tang Dynasty worshiped

Economics In The Tang Dynasty

A big part of economics was trade and the tang dynasty helped contribute to trading. The tang dynasty traded with North and South china mainly. They helped with ideas, culture, inventions, and unique products to spread around. The important products during the tang dynasty were: (sold) teas, salt, sugar, porlelain, and spices. They contributed many goods such as crops, bronze, silver/gold, cotton, ivory, and wood. To begin trading they had to have a job to afford it or have something to trade. The occupations that grew were farmers, jobs at the capital and small towns, storytellers,musicians, and street actors. Some of the products the sold in markets where: tea, cake, pottery, accessories, meat and food.
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This is the bronze that they used in the Tang Dynasty for trading.

Inventios, Sciences and Architecture

During the Tang dynasty many new inventions, technology, sciences and architectures were made and built. A few important buildings and structures were built, and expanded during this dynasty. The Qianling Mausoleum, which was a tomb site, was built in 648 CE, it was built to honor the loyal Li family. This tomb site was made by stone and bricks, instead of wood. Yumi Pagoda was built in 636 CE, it was made from square based stones, and pagoda bricks. The Zhaozhou bridge was expanded and finished in 605 CE, this bridge is the oldest, fullest stone open spandrel segment in the world. The Tang had expanded and built many famous important structures. The Tang have made many new inventions, and scientific discoveries. The tang have made Brandy and whisky. They have made dance, and music popular around their period, and they added some religions as well like Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. During this period they have also made new types of arts, gunpowder, flamethrowers, dominoes, and clocks. This dynasty is famous for their arts like scroll painting, and poetry, which they also invented. Poetry was one of their biggest inventions, and they have made it very popular. The tang dynasty had very good Inventions, sciences, and architecture during their time.

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this image shows an invention the Tang Dynasty used that people still used today, gunpowder.