Traveling through History

Harriet Tubman / Ming Dynasty

Early Life

According to Adler the main idea about this subject is to tell about Araminta Ross life.Araminta Ross was born in Maryland in 1820.Araminta Ross childhood was short until she turned 7 years old,that's when her first job was assigned.Araminta Ross could barely eat food because she had to find her own food.

Adult Life

Araminta Ross married John Tubman when she was 24 years old.John was a free black man,they didn't have any kids.In 1844 Araminta Ross changed her name to Harriet Tubman.John Tubman died in the Civil War.Harriet escaped slavery in 1849 when she was 29 years old.Harriet was an American abolitionist,humanitarian,and an armed scout and a spy for the United States Army.Harriet died March 13,1913 from Pheumonia.