McNeal Airzona

Weather Info

The current season is spring. The highest temperature was 74 degrees Fahrenheit and the lowest temperature was 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The Highest wind speed was 16 MPH and the lowest was 8 MPH. The precipitation was very little and the type was rain. The Highest was 0.1 and the lowest was none. The highest humidity level was

My contact Person and The Climate

My contact Person was My Grandma and Grandpa and they have lived there for about 13-20 years. The average temperature for McNeal is about 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit. The average wind speed is about 16 MPH
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This city is located at 31 N it is about as close to the equator as Texas. The reason it is hotter there though is because it is further from the prime meridian. The city is in the middle of the desert. My city is not prone to hurricanes, but is prone to tornadoes. Why? Because it has a dry windy climate perfect for tornadoes. It is located near the Cherokee mountains and sometimes they get rain or even hail or snow from the mountains. It is near no ocean or large lake. It is further away from the ocean this can cause the area to get hot. If McNeal got closer to the ocean this would cool the city down and it would be more prone to hurricanes.