C.A.T.S. News

Yearly Wrap-up

1st and 2nd Grades

The 1st and 2nd grade students have been very active learning about the biomes of the world. They have been busy completing their Field Notebooks with wonderful facts about the biomes and other facts from the unit. Explore this learning tool with your child, I think you will be amazed at what they have studied. We have also learned about how soil is made and charting the progress of a decomposition column. We observed what appeared to be some type of egg and some vegetation grew for a few weeks.

We also studied fables. The knowledge and lessons from the fable was used for the students to create their own fable. They created puppets to use for the puppet show illustrating the lesson of their own original fable. the puppet show was a great success. I would like to thank all the parents and grandparents that made it to the show:)

The students have been using their Leader in Me skills in a unit on George Washington Carver. They have also learned many interesting ideas about peanuts during this unit.

I have truly enjoyed working with this group this year. I cannot believe the year is over, but i am looking forward to see every student next year.

3rd and 4th Grades

A Summary of the Semester

We have transported to Central America and are deeply immersed in the Mayan culture. The students are busy learning how the culture developed through many time periods. They have worked in groups to produce large scale maps of the region. They have also worked with a small group to produce models of Mayan clothing. We will examined closely how the Mayans utilized art and education in their culture.

In the Money Matters unit, the students have completed the necessary vocabulary to understand economics. They surveyed the group to see if the product they have chosen to develop will be popular enough for their businesses to make a profit. The students spent 5 weeks to manufacturing their products. The final act was setting up their individual businesses and selling their items on "Market Day". This event was held on the students' last CATS day for the school year. most students proved to be able to make a profit from the sales of their wares. They went home with many creative products from their fellow classmates. What a great ending to a fabulous year.

5th Grade

We have literally spanned 500+ years in less than 1 month as we explore the development of our national parks and the California Gold Rush. In the national park unit, students are researched a location in the United States to develop a new national park. They designed a brochure for their park with a partner. They developed a detailed map of their park locating lodging, hiking, and other points of interest within their parks. The culminating activity was to develop a mystery story that takes place in their new park. The story is interactive and had several possible choices for the reader to take. These choices developed twists and turns as the mystery unfolded!!

In Gold Rush, used primary sources to see how the miners actually lived. We chose our teams and are challenging each other to see who will hit it big! The students tracked the gold they found and earned in a daily journal entry. Each week they were eager to see what their weekly fate held for them. They wrote a two page research paper on the hardships of a miners life in the mid 1800's.

The Genius Hour projects have been great. The students are showing a great interest in learning about something they are passionate about. We have seen some very interesting presentations. All students completed at least one project and many students completed two projects. There were a few students who completed three presentations!!

I hope you enjoy some pictures of the Living Village!

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