Discussions about Learning

Professional Learning Day -February 5, 2016

Student 1/2 Day Schedule

1st 7:50-8:35

2nd 8:40-9:25

3rd 9:30 -10:15

4th 10:20 -10:50

Students will go to VoPro and New Visions in the afternoon

Teacher Schedule for the Afternoon

The afternoon schedule for teachers.

Click Here to Kick Off the Charge of Your PLC

Review this Screencast with your PLC group. This outlines the charge for the afternoon. Make sure your volume is on.

Complete with your PLC

All PLC groups should use this brainstorming tool. Please give a copy to your respective administrator or place it in your PLC folder

Support Staff Schedule

11 am – 12pm Lunch

12 pm – 1pm Time with Lindsay Snyder (Jenn Weber’s room)

1:15 pm – 2:15 pm Training with Michelle Scheik (in the band room)