Kirk Allen Kennedy

Kirk Allen Kennedy: Experienced Attorney

Kirk Allen Kennedy

Kirk Allen Kennedy is an experienced corporate reorganization and complex bankruptcy attorney. He now serves Bankruptcy Trading and Investments as the firm’s Managing Director and General Counsel. Kirk Allen Kennedy is admitted to practice law in Arizona, Illinois and Texas. Kirk Allen Kennedy is also admitted to practice in the Northern, Southern and Western Districts of Texas, as well as the United States Tax Court. He is a member of the Texas General Counsel Forum and the College State Bar of Texas, among other organizations.

Kirk Allen Kennedy: BTI General Counsel and Managing Director

Kirk Allen Kennedy continues to provide unsurpassed client service as a member of the Bankruptcy Trading & Investments LLC firm. BTI, which has offices in both Houston and in Dallas, provides people with the opportunity make their bankruptcy claims profitable. Kirk Allen Kennedy and the BTI team specialize in the identification and creation of potentially high-rewarding bankruptcy opportunities, and are able to create high-quality liquidity events from what are generally stagnant bankruptcy claims.

Kirk Allen Kennedy has been an indispensable member of the BTI team since 2003, and has provided multiple clients with valuable insight, information and expertise on the world of bankruptcy. He has provided guidance, advice and management to many clients seeking to make the most from a bankruptcy claim opportunity. Formerly of Kirkland and Ellis LLP and Jackson Walker LLP, Kirk Allen Kennedy has become one of the leading liquidity event experts in his area. His knowledge, experience and expertise have earned him the reputation as one of the best bankruptcy and liquidity professionals in his field.

Kirk Allen Kennedy looks to provide each client with opportunity. Formerly a practicing bankruptcy and corporate reorganization attorney, which included litigation in bankruptcy transactions and cases, Kirk Allen Kennedy capitalizes on a wealth of information and experience to create the highest-quality liquidity opportunities for every client.

Kennedy is a member of the Fee Dispute Committee, the Houston Bar Association and the American Bankruptcy Institute, as well as the Federalist Society for Law & Public Policy. He is licensed to practice in Texas, Illinois and Arizona. He is also active in the Texas General Counsel Forum and the College State Bar of Texas.

Kirk Allen Kennedy: Turning Insolvency into Opportunity

Kirk Allen Kennedy is an experienced, professional bankruptcy attorney currently working for Bankruptcy Trading and Investments LLC. BTI helps clients identify potentially lucrative opportunities in the bankruptcy market. Kirk Allen Kennedy is an expert in transforming stagnant bankruptcy claims into high-reward opportunities. He has been providing both the firm and its clients with quality services, bankruptcy expertise and lucrative results since 2003.

Kirk Allen Kennedy is the General Counsel and Managing Director of a firm that understands how to create lucrative liquidity events out of stagnant bankruptcies. He provides BTI with nearly 20 years of legal experience, and has proven himself to be a trusted and respected bankruptcy claim manager. Kirk Allen Kennedy works diligently to both identify and create money-making opportunities for BTI's clients, and has proven to be a success in his field.

Kirk Allen Kennedy and Bankruptcy Trading and Investments base their fees on the success of each bankruptcy claim payout. Unlike traditional firms, BTI doesn’t charge clients by the hour, and has linked its success directly to the client’s success. Kirk Allen Kennedy has spent many years practicing complex bankruptcy and corporate reorganization law, and has accumulated the experience and the expertise needed to seek out, find and create the best possible opportunities for BTI's clients.

Kirk Allen Kennedy employs the use of significant professional resources and networks in the financial restructuring field to provide an abundance of lucrative opportunities to BTI's clients. BTI and Kirk Allen Kennedy have expertise in Chapter 11 Procedure Strategies, which allows them to gain the best leverage for opportunities. Kirk Allen Kennedy has written extensively on legal issues, and his articles have appeared in many journals.