summer reading project

by sam kercheval

Erics seal badge

this is Eric's navy seal badge has worked hard for it and has sacrificed many years of his life just to earn this badge. this badge represents all his friends all of his memorys an all of his had work to achive this badge I can tell that this is important to him because right after the badge was placed on him he said " we have gone in that water a million times but this time was different I knew I was a seal." too me this proves that this is a really important thing in his life

Erics bible

j bible is very important to him at one point when he was training to be a navy seal he says "I couldn't of gotten through it if I didn't have god" this proves that his bible is important to him and he would carry it with him evry where it goes

his scars from boxing

no matter what Eric will always have to carry his knuckle scars around he got these from boxing and training with coach Earl who taught him how to fight and how to be a good man. he got these scars from boxing and training I can tell that boxing is important to him because he put time in effort In to it and you don't do that with something that you don't like.
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Eric Greitens vacation

I think erics vacation would be a mission trip because he has done those in the past and he said that he enjoys them I think this says a lot about him because he is willing to serve he serves the nation he serves god and all the people that need help in different countrys. this shows that he is a good person and some one that I would like to know