Panther Cross Country Rocks!

Norfolk Jr High

Jack and Jill

Two kids make the headlines of what is now being called a “murder attempt”. Here are the details that Jack and Jill reveal to us.

Jack: Me and Jill were goin’ to fetch a pail of water because we were thirsty. You know, because we were playing outside and helping the farmers out and we never worked great ever. Well, we both agreed to get some water and I bent down to get some water when I felt hands trying to strangle me. I turned and got a glimpse of Jill's face, before I rolled down the hill, when she shoved me down the hill. It was a murderous look and her eyes were glittering like crazy with a mix of chaos and fear. It was the scariest thing I'd ever seen. Anyway, while I was falling I saw a small tree and when I passed it, I held on, right after I had broken my noggin’ on the tree trunk. It was hard, but I pulled myself up and I ran up the hill and couldn't see Jill, so I went to old Dame Daniel Bob and he fixed me up and it kinda went uphill from their.

Jill: I don't know what happened .I mean it was probably because we never got along. So I tried to…… GOSH!!! I can't say it!!!!! JUST LEAVE ME ALONE pleassssssse.

Before I..I...i… hurt YOU.--------

Reporter Daniel: Later, Jill got a brain scan and had a huge virus in her brain. She is getting better….or so we hope..

This is Daniel back at it again with Mt. Olympus News.


Polar Bears

Polar bears are big and furry and most people probably think they're fat and slow, but if you keep reading this you'll have a way different form of thinking when it comes to polar bears.

Polar bears have a unique nose that can smell food from ten miles away! They also have very sharp teeth used for tearing through their food. Polar bears can also be more than 1000 pounds!! As you can see, they are already seeming more dangerous than you would’ve thought before you read this.

Although they are dangerous, people are killing them for their white fur. You see their white fur helps hide them from their prey, so they can have a chance to attack it. Some people think that their white fur belongs on the floor of their houses instead of on the polar bears skin. Also, green house emissions and global warming have a huge role in this.

For these particular reasons an organization was set up to make a brighter future for the polar bears. The Center of Biological Diversity is a group that is helping pull polar bears from the edge of extinction. They are calling for the bears’s protection under the Endangered Species Act. The Center is very successful since the have saved 500 plants and animals. They were also successful in 93% of their lawsuits. One of the main things they want is to reduce greenhouse emissions.

Here are some things the Center says that you can help prevent polar bear extinction.

> Buy things closer to home, for example if you live in the U.S. buy thing from North America instead of far away.

>Avoid excess packaging

> Walk or use a bike.

> don't waste food only buy what you’ll eat.

If you're interested in helping the Polar bears please go to this website.

It will tell you what you need to know. Come join us, you never know what kind of impact you'll make on Polar bears. If you're confused please call 999-234-678 for more information.

Clash Royale

This is a fun and awesome game! You can communicate with other players around the world through what is now call “clan chat”. This game is filled with strategy and patience. You can go to war and win trophies. Also, you can lose trophies by getting beaten by another player. All in all, this is a game that is cool,fun, and a fun way to get past time.