Stress Management

By: Kayla Stull

Definition of Stress

a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances.

6 examples of teen stress

1- Sports

2- Grades

3- Family

4- Tests

5- Friends

6- Deadlines for projects

4 statistics on teen stress

1-School work (68%),Parents (56%),Friends’ problems (52%),Romantic relationships (48%),Drugs in the neighborhood (48%)

2- 25% avoided or refused to deal with their stress,23% sought ways to distract themselves away from their stress,17% sought support,35% actively tried to reduce their stress.

3- During the school year teens rate their stress at 5.8 out of 10

4- 16% of teens say their stress has declined in the past year, 31% say their stress has increased over the past year, 34% believe their stress will increase in the coming year, 42% of teens do not believe they are doing enough to manage their stress, 13% say they never set aside time to manage stress

4 facts about teen stress

1-Most of teens stress comes from school

2- Most teens normally don't know how to control their stress in a positive way

3- Stress can make acne worse. Researchers say stress-related inflammation rather than a rise is sebum (the oily substance in skin) is to blame.

4- Most teens have more stress than adults

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