Hostile Love

By Ashley Venneman, Skyler Vore, Paige Stodola

Hostile Love

A love in which one frequently raises its voice in anger against the loved one


A person in this type of relationship might feel as if being with the other person will push them to be a better person, because they're being so harshly criticized all the time. If this person left their life, they might feel as if they weren't good enough.

Ways to Improve Your Relationship

  • Talk it out
Sometimes a lack of communication in a relationship can cause problems. Talking them out can help a couple fix their issues!

  • Do something
An issue in a relationship can be that the couple never does anything different than what they normally do. Make a date and do something you haven't done before. This gives the couple a chance to bond and notice things about each other they might not have before.

  • Be open with each other
Being open with each other can help build up trust. Set aside time every day to just sit down and talk with each other. Talk about anything and everything. Express worries you have or conflicts you encountered and get the other person's opinion. This helps you get to know them better.
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