Playground Design

By: Paul Jurey & Austyn Turkvant


Working through the engineering design process you are challenge to design piece of playground equipment for kids in elementary school.


Kids like to play on jungle gyms, merry-go-rounds, teeter totters, metal slides, monkey bars and still- strings. When i was little i use to play on still-strings and monkey bars.

Pugh Chart

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Test and Evaluate

  • What works? Everything works well
  • What doesn't work? Nothing does not work everything works
  • What do you like or would change about the aesthetics? I would not change nothing
  • What do you like or would change about the materials? Nothing we used all the material we are using


How would you sell your design to a company? What are the positives and negatives of your design?

We would make a billboard advertising our design. Postivies: Looks like alot of fun

Negatives: Monkey bars are a bit high up