Kloudspun - Open Stack Training

- definitive, complete, hands-on

Friday, Oct. 5th 2012 at 9pm

Dallas, TX

Dallas, TX

Kloudspun and Open Stack

Kloudspun provides solutions for the private cloud with 'open' solutions. Kloudspun has deep expertise in Virtual Computing and Virtual Networking. We work with customers around the world helping them in navigating technology choices they have to make. We work with customers to lower the total cost of ownership of computing networks and reduce vendor lock-in.

At Kloudspun, we are convinced of the value Open Stack provides. We are passionate in trying to promote the value it brings to your organization. This training is targeted towards those who want to learn about Open Stack.

We can work with your organization in all aspects of Open Stack deployment in your enterprise.

Open stack training - Learn Open Stack in a day

Cloud 101

Cloud Components

Virtualization 101


Cool tools

Cloud Ecosystem

Open Stack basics

Open Stack components

Orchestration usecases

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