Cade Holmstrom

7th Grade

Ten Facts Of Me

I was born in 2001 NOV. 27. My Favorite things to do is to shoot guns I've never shot for example in Las Vegas I was going to shoot an uzi but when I saw I could shoot a galil I chose that instead. When I'm bored at home I just ride my four wheeler and do jumps on it. My favorite sports are Baseball & Football. In Baseball I can play any position except catcher. In Football I play corner. I have three Xbox's ,Xbox (original) ,Xbox (360) ,and Xbox (one). I'm thinking of buying a 100 cc dirt bike with my own money. I'm country and I hate cities because its to crowded and to many laws like you cant shoot your guns and hunt birds and rabbits.

me 2 or 3 yrs. ago

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