April, 2016

Olivia and the Kite Party

By Alex Harvey and
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About the Author

Alex Harvey

The person credited for creating the character of Olivia is Ian Falconer. However, a number of spin-off stories and books have been written by other authors. This book about Olivia Pig and the Kite party was written by Alex Harvey.

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how you fly a kite when there’s no wind? Olivia will find a way!

It’s a very windy day, so Olivia decides to throw a kite party. After all, windy weather is just perfect for flying kites. But by the time Olivia and her friends have finished making their kites, the wind has gone away. Olivia's creativity saves the day!
Olivia and the kite party read along animated story book
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Let's Fly A Kite

Like Olivia and her friends, you are being challenged to design kites out of recycled materials. You may use any materials necessary to secure their kites in place, but are asked to use materials that have been salvaged from home or school. Kite designers are invited to bring your kites to school for Show and Tell....