By: Bella Patricio

The Purpose of the Computer

The basic computer that we use everyday is supposed to solve problems, store information, and complete simple tasks.

The inventor of the computer, when was it made, and some Innovations

The original inventor was a man named Charles Babbage. The idea was it had a printer, that would all be fantastic except for the fact that you had to make everything by hand. Which caused it to be a complete failure in 1888. But his son Henry Babbage was able to create a completed simpler version in 1906. Jumping ahead about six decades later we come to the ever so famous Steve Jobs. Creating the first personal computer of all time in 1976. Called the Apple 1 which was a small success since it worked. A year later the huge hit of the Apple 2 was created. Which was the first computer with color graphics and a keyboard. Until they fired Steve Jobs. A couple years later when Apple just kept spiraling downwards. In 1995 they realized that they needed Steve Jobs when he helped to make the stunning graphics in the first Toy Story. Taking him back, where the more modern and well known Apple products were created and became better.

How this product has impacted society

The computer falls under the category information and communication. Positive impacts of the computer are that you can store pretty much anything on it. And explore whatever is on the internet. Ranging from YouTube and just some diy project. Some negative things about the computer is that you can get stress whenever you learn a new skill or more work is put onto your plate. But distractions are also a big one. With emails, messages, and reminders from some game. Can keep someone's mind off of the work they are doing.


Example: computer

Science: the way to save information, and to enjoy digital entertainment

Technology: it can help people on everyday life since you can look up anything

Engineering: the computer has a flat screen that projects images on it. With a small stand to support its weight.

Math: the length and width of the computer

If I could make a change to the computer

I would make it to where if you have children at home. That whenever they log onto the computer that the computer blocks any bad or inappropriate websites or ads. That way they don't click on it wondering what it is.