By Gurshan

Rule #1

Don't click on any viruses and unknown links

like free games

Rule #2

Don't text and drive
Don't Text and Drive PSA Cartoon

Rule #3

Be careful of with what you post on social media because it mite come back in the future to hurt you (what ever you post on any social media site it will stay there forever no matter if you delete it)

Rule #4

Always close your phone or any devise in your home and remember to shut it of or bugs and viruses might come in to your devises.
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Rule #5

Don't let your kids talk to strangers on social media sites because someone mite try to get your address and info about you from your children

Rule #6

Technology sometimes leads to cyber bullying.

Rule #7

Don't be on a phone when your driving
Cell Phones and Driving Do Not Mix
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Point #8

Watch out for strangers and viruses trying to hack into your webcam on your computer because people can get access into your webcam if you click on viruses and R.A.T get in so they can record what your doing at night and blackmail you so be careful.
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Point #9

Be careful of what you buy sometimes people sue you if you do something like copyright a game that you cant afford or sometimes people put a tracker or a virus so they can find out were you live and blackmail you.

Point #10

Don't click on pop ups
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