Welcome to 11th grade Physics!

Starting the semester with momentum!

Tools and Technology

We will be using several tools this semester to engage our students and keep our parents informed. This newsletter will serve to describe those tools and how we will be utilizing them inside and outside the classroom.


MadSci is a great webpage for young scientists. We will be using their ideas for experiments, the Random Knowledge Generator, as well as their Ask-a-Scientist feature. During the semester the students will be forming groups to complete a science project and they will find the science project tips page and reliable resource finder options quite handy!

Class Dojo

Class Dojo is a great tool for reinforcing positive behavior in the classroom and real-time reporting to parents and students. Parents will receive weekly progress reports for students behavior and students will receive instantaneous rewards for good behavior. Dojo also increases student engagement. All parents and students will receive an account number for our class and will be able to use Dojo on any mobile device or computer for free. Please see the video below for more details.
Parents share how ClassDojo has helped them and their children

Think Binder

Think Binder is an excellent tool for collaboration. As stated previously, the students will be dividing up into groups and conducting research on topics we will be learning about this semester. They will use Think Binder to ask questions, upload videos of experiments, share links for resources, and discuss their research together. Students can also use this tool to share class notes and pictures of things we did in class as reminders or to inform those who were absent. They can also study live for exams and quizzes via text and video chat.
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