John F Kennedy

The murder of John F Kennedy.

Who, what, when, where, why?

The death of John F Kennedy happened November 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas. Kennedy was in Texas for a 5 day tour. There was also a man by the name of John Connally who was the governor of Texas at the time who was shot as well; however he survived. There are suspects to the incident as to whether Lee Oswald had something or nothing to do with the crime. But in the sense that he did it, his motives are unsure; however many people believe it was psychological and social discrepancies that drove him to kill Kennedy.
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Perspective #1

In the article, "Why did Lee Harvey Oswald kill John F Kennedy", the author says that he believes that Lee had no involvement in the death of John F Kennedy. He thinks that it was the governments business considering they did not favor JFK. He believes that Lee Harvey Oswald was on the 2nd floor of the building eating lunch (which was confirmed by eye witnesses) when the shooting took place. He simply thinks that Oswald was used as a cover up and a decoy to mask the real assassin. He also believes that it is too big of a coincidence that Oswald was shot 2 days later, unable to defend himself in court.
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Perspective #2

Perspective number 2 suggests that not only did Lee Harvey Oswald kill Kennedy, but he thinks that he did not act alone. There is a video online that shows Kennedy getting a blow through the throat, followed by a blow to the face. Conspiracy theorists believes that the first blow to the throat was a bullet shot by Oswald inside of a school depository building, and that the blow to the face was from an FBI agent in the distance. Conspiracy theorists used a series of methods to determine where exactly the assassin shot its bullets, and it was in fact on the 6th floor where they suspected. Furthermore, Oswald was also convicted of killing officer Tibitt. He was placed in custody and later shot by a man named Jack Ruby.

Media Bias

There is bias more so within perspective #2 than there is perspective #1. In perspective #2, the article is not suggesting, but rather telling its readers what really happened. The author of this article doesn't have enough credible evidence to support his claims other than the fact that it's a conspiracy. The accused assassin is dead, granting him no ability to defend himself. However that was not taken into consideration when the author wrote the article. This gives perspective 2 bias that perspective 1 does not contain.

Criticism #1

A Marxist criticism can be used to look at the assassination of John F Kennedy. There were claims of government officials who may have been involved with his death in order to take his spot and have their name in history. A Marxist perspective would no surprise me in a situation dealing with the president. A lot of people would like to go down in history having once been the president of the united states. Also, the salary is $400,000 a year and that's 10 times more than what a lot of people make.
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Criticism #2

This story can be looked at from a feminist point of view because there was claims of his wife being involved. Conspiracy theorists believe that his wife was a part of his death because Kennedy cheated on her. Through a feminists perspective, she wouldn't be too happy with people accusing a woman of becoming violent due to cheating. A feminist could rule out any possibilities of this theory being the case. The negative part about a feminist perspective is that it takes away from the actual event-the death of Kennedy. It more so focuses on his wife, which is irrelevant to the cause.
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