Hunter Redd


School Activities

In school, I'm not involved in many things. I am involved in FFA. FFA is in AG class, right now we sell beef jerky. Later this year we will have will sell fruit. We will also sell flowers and plants. I'm going to do golf in the spring. I love golf I go golfing every weekend almost.
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I've gone multiple schools but the have all been in district 313. Pre-K and Kindergarten I attended to Obey Grade School, then 1st-6th grade I attended Buhler Grade School. Grade school was fun, but Middle school was a whole lot more fun. I attended Prairie Hills Middle School, middle school was fun. My favorite teacher is Mr.Wilson, he is the 8th grade U.S. History teacher for the middle school. Now I'm here at BHS, I think BHS is really fun, my favorite school so far. when i graduate I want to attend Kansas University and study either to become either a welder, a mechanic, a electrician, or a veterinarian.
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In my family, my moms name is Christy, my dads name is Randy, my brothers name is Grayson, and my sisters name is Chloe. My mom work at the Buhler Administration Center as payroll/treasure, my dad works at siemens as a material handler. My brother works at Rib Crib as a cook and smoker, and my sister is a 5th grader at Buhler Grade School. I also have about 12 aunts and about 6 uncles. last but not least i got 3 great grandmas and 2 grandmas, 2 great grandpas and 2 grandpas.


I don't have many allergies, the only thing I'm allergic to is poison ivy and poison oak.




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