The southwest by: Zackery Newton


The 4 main states in the Southwest are Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Nevada. Those are 4 states that I would like to share with you find out more at google.


The main landforms in the region are plateaus, mesas, and canyons, but the best landform of the Southwest is the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon is a place with dried up water. Those are the main 3 landforms

Major bodies of water

The 4 main bodies of water are: the Colorado River, The Salt River, Rio Grande. Something that I think that is funny about the Rio Grande it sounds like Rio the movie.


The climate for the Southwest is ok for farming, but its not the best because it is so hot. In some places it is good for farming in some places of the region.

Natural Resources

The main 3 natural resources are sand, mud, and sun. The reason why the sun is one of the natural resources is that it helps farming. You also can get a little chilly, so you need sun. You can get hot too, so don't stay out too long.

Main Language Spoken

The language most spoken is still English. Some of the the people still speak Spanish, because some people move to the Southwest from Mexico . If you speak English, you're in luck. There are tons of people that speak your language.


In the Southwest they have the same houses, but they just have a little bit more tall ones. Their garages are built into there houses, but they are beside the house. Also, they have little drive ways that are about 5-10 feet.

important jobs or businesses

The 3 important jobs are toy factories, puzzles, and electricity. Something cool is they make 3,000 puzzles every 4 hours. Thats a lot of puzzles.

Key words

  • plateau- It is the little gaps in between the Grand canyon
  • human features- are the culture to see what they are.


The main sources that I got my info from witch are are the Kentucky regions book it tells you all about every region another source is another source that I use are I also have one more that helped me a lot is google.