Colonial immigration

By: Jonathan Arreola

People emigrated from England to colonia America because it was a national asset, more money, and wanted to better their condans.

England overpopulated

As explained in document three "England was overpopulated, an assumption resulting from a theary that exportation of people to the colonies was a national asset (Document 3).

Clarence ver steeg's says that since England was overpopulated they wanted a new place to move to.


According to Willian penny's " Their labor will be worth more than it's in England and their living would be cheaper (Document 2).

Willian penn's says that people who work with their hands will be payed better than in England.


Document four explains," they wanted to be rid of the growing and in calculable exactions of government (Document 4).

James truslow says that sixteen thousand people sailed to Massachusetts in 1640, but none of them were church members.

Colonial Williamsburg's Nutshell History: Immigration