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How do I start?

To start this process, you, the plaintiff, files a formal complaint. Our law firm will look over the evidence you provided and based on the preponderance of evidence we will advise you on whether or not to pursue with the case. Assuming it's a good case, we will then do the technical work, start the pleadings process, and get the complaint to the defendant (also known as summons), for them to make a response.

Trial Process

Before going to trial, we will go over any mediations you and the defendant might be able to come to, since it is generally more effective than a trial. If that doesn't work, if both parties agree, we could also find a neutral third party to start the process of arbitration where one of you would walk away in favor. But, if all else fails, we will start the trial process:

1. Pretrial Conference, we will handle this.

2. Verdict, we find out who wins the case.

3. Appeals, if we lose, we will definitely appeal the verdict and possible get a second chance, and if we win the defendant will most likely appeal as well.

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