HS SPED Update

December 9, 2014

SPED Professional Development Follow-up

Please note the attached folder with important information from our PD last week. Inside you will find the testing PowerPoint Amanda went over, the Related Services PowerPoint that Katie went over, and the amendment chart to help when preparing to make amendments for next semester. Please be sure to note the timeline in the testing presentation.

Fall 2014 Testing Administration Reminders

  • Please be sure that all updated accommodation pages are in SharePoint
  • Don't forget to send a helpful reminder to your students who testing either through Kmail, email, and/or a phone call.
  • Don't forget to notify your students, parents, and co-teachers/collaborative teachers if you will be out for testing this week.

GA EOC Questions???

Title I Required Training Due by Dec 15th

DDI Staff Training Series - Interim Assessment Action Plan Peer Review Due Dec 19th

Dates to Remember:

  • Dec 8-12: Fall Testing Administration
  • Dec 8-19: Interim Assessment Window Open
  • Dec 15-19: Mid-year Evaluations (Look for an invite from your direct Lead)
  • Dec 15: Title I Training Due
  • Dec 17: SPED Leadership will be out of the office
  • Dec 19: DDI Training and Activity Due, Spring Service Amendments Due, January IEP Annual Reviews are Due
  • Dec 21-Jan 2: HOLIDAY BREAK
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