❀Rainforest ❀

by Ana Dias

The noise of the wind rushing into the night, the crickets jumping on the leaves, synchronized hoot that came from the owls and the fallen branches of the trees breaking when I stepped on them was the only noises I could hear.

The mixture of yellow and orange started to appear in the horizon, the hoots suddenly stopped, and I stopped walking and looked up, that mixture almost took all the dark blue sky. In seconds all turned orange. The sun appeared in the left side of my vision, a little nervous of coming out, a little timid. Every minute it got more confident, and I finally could see it. Sunbeams gleamed making plants grow in their direction, trying to capture light to get their food.

The sunbeams made me remember the quote by George Porter “If sunbeams were weapons of war, we would have had solar energy long ago”. George Porter was a chemist that I admire a lot, even after his death. He wrote quotes about rainforests and other kinds of nature. He won a Nobel Prize and I really think he deserved it.

I smiled and kept walking making more dry branches crack.

The night came and the sun disappeared in the right side of my vision. The owls started hooting again. Tomorrow everything would start over.