cyber community gone bad

cyberbullying; join to stop it

Reasons were trying to stop it

Were trying to stop it because its actully hurting people. could be from maybe changin schools until suicide matter. Its good help others.

Ryan Halligan's case

the websiteoperated by Ryan’s parents, John and Kelly Halligan, early concerns about Ryan’s speech, language and motor skills development led to him receiving special education services from pre-school through the fourth grade. Ryan’s academic and physical struggles made him the regular target of a particular bully at school between the fifth and seventh grade. In February 2003, a fight between Ryan and the bully not only ended the harassment at school, but led to a supposed friendship.

However, after Ryan shared an embarrassing personal story, the newly found friend returned to being a bully and used the information to start a rumour that Ryan was gay. The taunting continued into the summer of 2003, although Ryan thought that he had struck a friendship with a pretty, popular girl through AOL Instant Messenger (AIM). Instead, he later learned that the girl and her friends thought it would be funny to make Ryan think the girl liked him and use it to have him share more personally embarrassing material—which was copied and pasted into AIM exchanges with her friends. On October 7, 2003, Ryan hanged himself in the family bathroom. After his son’s death, John discovered a folder filled with IM exchanges throughout that summer that made him realize “that technology was being utilized as weapons far more effective and reaching [than] the simple ones we had as kids.”

our top cases

ways of cyberbullying

Here are some of the most dangerous more

Harrasing someone using text messages to embarrass the target.

impesonating someone devloping a screen name thats similar top the targets and act like them.

using photographs taking nudes or degrading pictures of the victims in a locker room.

creating websites or blogs developing a website with humiliating information about someone else.

participating i happy slaping using a camera phone to videotape a bullying incident.

and more...

statistics world wide of bullying

10% of ciberbullied kids report the abuse to his/her parents

1 in 6 parents know that theyre child has been bullied via social networks

97% of middleschoolers have been bullied online

81% of youth agreed that bullied online is easier than bullying in person

only 7% of U.S. parents are worried about ciberbullying eventhough 33% percents of teenagers have been cyberbullied in america.

Twitter 23.8% facebook 92.6% Myspace 17.7% instant messenger 15.2%

help us stop it

its not right; let's stop it by asking for help to others. Also report the case imidiatly Help stop it today.