Saftey online

Keeping Safe Online

Saftey Online

To keep safe on the internet you need to have a strong password because if it is just your name people could hack your emails, phone, facebook and much more unlike if it was a harder password like your name and some numbers and some random letters.

Also on your wifi at home you have a password on it so only you and your family members no what it is so dont give it out to any other people so if they ever come into your house again they can come and go bacik onto your internet. If you give one person your wifi password they can give it to others and then everybody in your town will have your wifi connectivity.

Also on your mobile you need to have a password on your phone and on your bluetooth and not have your name as your bluetooth name because if you do it is easy for people to hack your phone so you can see any off your messages or pictures or anything you keep on your phone they couyld also steel your contacts and go and try and hack your friends after they have hacked you.

Also you need to keep your username and password to yourself dont go round and give your username and password to people because if you do that every one in your town will get hold off it then they could go on any thing that you have an account on so if you have the same username and password for things you should change your password each time you make a new account on something else.

Furthermore dont meet up with people you dont no because they could be someone unkind and someone who could take advantage off you because they could seem niceonline but in real life they could be a very nasty person to you and anyone that you either take with you or you tell them about.

Always have a strong password on any account that you make you could also include numbers and lower case letters so it would be hard if someone tried to guess your username or password so they could not get any off your details and maybe hack your credit details.