Parent Support Group

For Parents of Students of Minorities

Find the support you need in the school system!

This group is aimed at supporting and advocating for parents of minority students within Calloway County Middle School. Join the school counselors and other parents of minority on Thursday nights to discuss stigmas associated with minority groups and gain access to valuable educational resources for your family.

Parents of Minority Students Support Group

Thursday, Aug. 24th 2017 at 6pm

2112 College Farm Road

Murray, KY

Contact Mrs. Burzynski if interested, using the information below.

Child care and tutoring services will be provided.

(Only open to parents of students in the Calloway School District.)

Meet Your School Counselor

My name is Lauren Burzynski. I am a graduate of Murray State University with a Bachelor of Arts in English Education. I am currently enrolled in the Counseling program at the MSU College of Education & Human Resources. I look forward to becoming a professional counselor at a school where I can help students of all backgrounds reach their full potential in their academic, career and personal life.