Hawk Talk

Volume 2, Issue 27, Week of April 4-8

Important this Week!

  • K-2 TPRI Window Opens
  • Busby and Jones out
  • Student Transfer Window closes today! (This includes staff!)
  • 5th Grade Parent Meeting at Hughes from 6 to 7:30


  • Jeanie @ Leadership from 9-2
  • Timms out


  • Hoffman out afternoon
  • ARDs and 504s--please check your calendars
  • Hajek PLC 3:30 (see below)


  • Fleming out
  • SSI Training: the following teachers will be off campus: Busby, Wing-Jenkins, McElroy, Peart. We have maxed out sub capacity. Please plan to be at school.
  • Student of the Month due to Jana
  • Jana @ AP meeting 1-3
  • ARDs and 504s--please check your calendars


  • Carnival is tonight. Teachers are expected to participate unless you have made previous arrangements with me.
  • Burns out
  • Hughes visits 5th grade
  • 1st Grade Team Time


Wednesday, April 6th, 3:30pm

Hajek Library

Bring your laptops...


I so appreciate all the support during Round 1 of STAAR Playoffs! Your positive spin on the assessment really made a difference! We only had one student absent and that child was truly ill. One student testing during the make-up test day was remarkable! I appreciate your flexibility, your students' quiet respect for the testers, the victory lines formed, and the goodies to keep everyone going during those two days. You are a wonderful staff!!!!!!

Modeling PBIS


Just a reminder that when you are talking during morning announcements and dismissal, the kids are watching you. They talk because if you don't value listening, they don't either. Thursday after school, in addition to the random One Way sign issues, we had 6 cars lined up at the One Way sign at one time because kids were not listening for their names. This backed up the entire line. When the microphone cuts out, we need to know this outside. Your help with all of this would be greatly appreciated.

The Tattle Monster

If you are an elementary student, tattling is a way of life. I know we have our tattle monsters and such, but please pay attention to the students when they are bringing you a concern. We have had several incidents at recess that have resulted in bigger issues because the child was patted on the head and sent back to play because of tattling. The law dictates an investigation for certain reports. Don't set yourself up for legal issues. Also, at recess, please remember to separate and observe. Teachers should not be in the same area for recess duty.

Just a little LOL