Elkmont Newsletter

Volume 19/20, Issue 1

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Elkmont High School Mission, Vision and Purpose Statement:

The mission of Elkmont High School is to create a safe learning environment where graduates are college and career ready to become productive assets of their community.

The vision and purpose of Elkmont High School is for students to have pride in building a foundation of knowledge, skills, and purposeful experiences that will give them the persistence to become successful members of the 21st century workforce.

REMIND Codes for Mr. Tribble

Text number 81010 and put in the following codes for each grade level

Seniors-- @64d482







New Changes for 2019-2020 School Year

Field Trips

To address problems with chronic absenteeism, students in Grades K-12 who accumulate 5 or more absences per semester will not be allowed to participate in field trips. Principals will use discretion when chronic illnesses or extended hospital stays are involved.

E-Learning Days

  • E-Learning Days are an opportunity for students to meet class requirements through online engagement of class material and assignments while they are away from the building. Parents/guardians may request up to three (3) days per semester as E-Learning Days. Educational trips, non-school related athletic competitions, and college and/or career visits are examples of acceptable E-Learning Days.

  • Student requirements to participate in E-Learning Days:

    • Request to use an E-Learning Day made by parent/guardian a minimum of five (5) calendar days prior to the 1st day of online learning (Principals may use discretion. Forms may be found on district and school websites.)

    • No unexcused absences for the entire school year, excessive absences (5 or more in a school year), or excessive tardiness (5 or more in a semester)

    • Minimum average of 80 in each class prior to the request

    • No Class II or Class III discipline write-ups during the semester the request is made

    • Students may not take E-Learning Day during the first 5 days of the school year or during the last 10 days of both semesters.

    • Students have a maximum of five (5) days to complete and submit class assignments, acquire teacher signatures for submitted work, and submit E-Learning Day Form to front office. It is the student’s responsibility to acquire the signature of each teacher on the E-Learning Day Form once assignments are submitted. Once all teachers have signed the form, student will submit the completed form to the front office. If all requirements are met, the E-Learning Day will not count as an absence for the student.

Unexcused Absences

The student whose absence is unexcused is not entitled to make up the graded work missed. If a daily or test grade is recorded on the day of absence, the student whose absence is unexcused receives a zero for a grade. If no grade is recorded for other students, no grade will be recorded for the student who is absent.

Semester Exams

A cumulative semester exam is given in each academic course at the end of the first semester (Weeks 1 – 18) and the second semester (Weeks 19 – 36). Semester exams will count no more than 10 percent of the final semester average. A student may exempt a December or May semester exam by meeting one of the following conditions in the course:

  • 90 or above average with 5 or fewer excused absences during the semester,

  • 80 or above average with 3 or fewer excused absences during the semester, or

  • 75 or above average with 2 or fewer excused absences during the semester.

Cell Phone Policy at EHS

  • Cell phones, smart watches and tablets are banned from teacher classrooms unless teachers allow you to use them at teachers directive for instructional purposes only. Substitute teachers do not have the authority to allow you to use your cellphones ever.

    • Students must turn in their cell phones to the teacher or be placed in a designated area upon entering the classroom.

    • Students have the choice to leave their phones in their lockers

      • Failure to do so will result in progressive discipline by the teacher

Cell phones and smart watches may be used ONLY in the cafeteria either during breakfast or at lunch. You may also use your phone during class changes however if it makes you late to class this privilege can be revoked as well.

Headphone Policy at EHS

  • Effective immediately headphones are banned from being used on campus.

    • This has become a safety issue because we are unable to communicate with students who have on headphones.

    • If you are caught with headphones or earbuds in your ears you will be disciplined.

    • This ban starts at 7:30am and ends at 3:05pm.

Checking out of school know the rule!!!!

Elkmont will not accept email checkouts or phone checkouts.

  • All student’s who need to checkout must have a note written by their parent or guardian with a phone number written on the note.
  • This change is being implemented because we cannot absolutely verify who is writing the email or making the call.

Morning arrival - Please Read!

Parents, we have students arriving on campus too early in the mornings. School personnel aren't required to be on campus until 7:30. MOST of the time, doors to the school, gym doors, and lunchroom doors aren't unlocked until this time. If a bus arrives before 7:30, students remain on the bus with the driver until then. For the safety of students, we ask that students not be dropped off before 7:30. Thank you!

Student/Parent Announcements:


  • Lunch accounts MUST be updated! If you owe money, please take care of this ASAP! This is a GREAT time to set up a Paypams account! If you would like to apply for free or reduced priced lunches, please see the Cafeteria Manager or go online to paypams.com and click lunch application.

Up-Coming Events


  • 2nd - Labor Say/No School
  • 6th - Fun Friday Snack
  • 11th - Progress Reports Go Home
  • 20th - Fun Friday Snack
  • 25th - Half Day for Students (11:10 Dismissal)


  • 4th - Fun Friday Snack
  • 7th - 11th - Fall Break/No School
  • 17th - Report Cards Go Home
  • 18th - Fun Friday Snack
  • 25th - Attendance/Truancy Meeting with Parents


  • 6th - Holiday Picture and Fall Remakes
  • 8th - Fun Friday Snack
  • 8th - Progress Reports Go Home
  • 11th - Veteran's Day/No School
  • 18th - 20th American Education Week Celebration
  • 20th - Fun Friday Snack
  • 22nd - Attendance/Truancy Meeting with Parents
  • 25th - 29th - Thanksgiving Holidays/No School


  • 6th - Fun Friday Snack
  • 20th - 1/2 Day for Students
  • 23rd - January 1 Christmas Holidays


  • 6th - Student Return
  • 7th - Report Cards Go Home
  • 20th - Martin Luther King Jr. Day, No School
  • 31st - Attendance/Truancy Meeting for Parents


  • 10th - Progress Reports Go Home
  • 17th - President's Day, No School
  • 26th - 1/2 Day for Students (11:10 Dismissal Time)
  • 28th - Attendance/Truancy Meeting with Parents


  • 27th - Attendance/Truancy Meeting with Parents
  • 27th - Report Cards Go Home
  • 30th - April 3rd Spring Break


  • 24th - Attendance/Truancy Meeting with Parents
  • 30th - Progress Reports Go Home


  • 21st - Last Day for Students (1/2 Days), Report Cards Go Home
  • 22nd - Teacher Workday

Limestone County Parent and Family Engagement Plan Overview

Pride, Purpose, Persistence Tee-Shirts and Vehicle Decals

If you would like to purchase our school's new slogan on a white tee-shirt the cost is $10.00 and you can purchase them at the front office. We also will have car decals that you can purchase with our logo on it for $5.00.
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Student Announcements:


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Principal, Bill Tribble

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Kenny Jordan, Asst. Principal

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SRO Deputy Jason Pendergrass