Siegrist 16-17

Charting our Course! March 22

Envisioning Days

March 31, 4:30-7:30 Seven Bridges Clubhouse- dinner provided

May 2, 4:30-7:30 Seven Bridges Clubhouse- dinner provided

If you haven't figured out the coordinates is at Seven Bridges Clubhouse! We can't wait to start the planning of an amazing elementary experience for both students and staff.

To be best prepared for this evening, Kali and I ask that you bring:

1. Growth mindset

2. Innovative Thinking

3. A student-focused approach to problem solving

Words banned from the event:

1. We have always done it that way

2. It is best for teachers/adults

Before the meeting we would encourage you to look into/research instructional strategies / innovative teaching ideas that you have always wanted to try. Comb the blogs, educational social media and journals to start thinking about creating the BEST elementary structures for our students. Think about your gifts and how you can share those with students. No idea is a bad idea! Come with your own SPARK!

TAKE AWAY: Come with innovative teaching approaches and an open mind!

Permission to Come On Board, Captain? GRANTED!

Parent communication for 2016-17

If you are looking for a way to communicate with parents about the happenings in your classroom, consider the following:

Bloomz (app) or if you DOJO (use class story)

Weekly Newsletter (sent through email)

Email Updates (sent through email)

Look into these options, as it might be something we want to consider making a school wide decision on. One advantage of using a program like Bloomz is that we can schedule parent teacher conferences through the app. Parents can sign up at Back to School Night.

Take away: Weekly communication is the expectation at the district level, and I only ask that we consider multiple children in a family when making the decision as a building.


Siegrist Swap and SHOP! A private teacher buy, sell and trade page just for the purposes of selling, trading, or giving away personal classroom items that you don't want to move. All items posted will be approved to make sure you aren't selling school property or husbands or wives that you are disgruntled with :)
This will be very beneficial for teachers leaving Siegrist as they won't be taking furniture with them. If you wish to join you will need to copy the link to the page: and request to be accepted. (This makes me sound like a control freak, but I don't want people outside of Platte County to join due to the items being shared)

Take Away: Search Siegrist Teacher Swap and Shop on Facebook to join the group and list your items.

Transition Day

On May 11, the 55 students who are coming from Pathfinder/Barry area to Siegrist next year will be touring at Siegrist. If you are a 16-17 Siegrist Staff member, please wear your Siegrist Superhero shirt so you can be identified as a staff member they will be seeing next year.

Students will be in the building touring between 11-1 and we will take them back to Pathfinder with a belly full of McDonald's, thanks to Platte Valley Bank for paying for their lunch!!!!!

Take away: May 11 - Barry/Pathfinder students touring between 11-1! Thank Platte Valley Bank Susan Baker - here.

Have a wonderful Week,

Jen and Kali