Law Firm Key Words

Module 7 Lesson 2 Mastery Assignment

Plaintiff - someone who brings a case against another in a court of law

Defendant - individual, company, or institution that are being sued or accused in a court of law

Complaint - Plaintiff's reasoning behind proceedings in civil action

Summons - order to appear before judge

Pleadings - formal statement of an action or defense

Pretrial Conference - conference before trial to outline discovery proceedings and define the issues being tried

Mediation - intervention in a dispute in order to resolve it

Arbitration - using an independent body or group to settle a dispute

Trial - formal examination of evidence before a judge (and often a jury) to determine guilt in a case through criminal or civil proceedings

Preponderance of Evidence - standard of facts that the plaintiff must present to win a civil action

Verdict - decision on a disputed issue in a civil or criminal case

Appeal - apply to have a higher court review/look over a lower court's procedure and decision in hope that the decision will be overturned