LA Lakers Nba Champions

The Lakers are one of basketballs greatest teams

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Do you know who the Los Angeles Lakers are? If you do then I bet you and I will consider them as one of Basketball's greatest teams. The Lakers one of Basketball's greatest teams by great leadership from Pat Riley, talent from great players like Magic Johnson, and the fact that they've won so many championships.

Pat Riley

Pat Riley's Leadership

One reason why the Lakers are one of basketball's greatest teams came from the leadership from Pat Riley. An example of Pat Riley's leadership came from the 533-194 record he had with the Lakers. He also played for the Lakers when he had an NBA career of his own. That 533-194 helped the Lakers win 5 NBA Titles. After a long NBA career he landed 2nd on most wins by a head coach

Magic Johnson

The Lakers are the team they are today came from great players like Magic Johnson. In collage he lead the Michigan State Trojans past Larry Bird and Indiana State University at the national championship. Soon after the victory he was picked #1 overall by the Lakers in the 1979 NBA draft. Soon after he got drafted he lead the Showtime Lakers to 5 NBA championships.

NBA Championships

The Lakers are the team that they are today come from the championships. The Lakers tie with the Boston Celtics with the most NBA championships with 17. They have won more back to back titles more than any team in NBA history.

Final Buzzer

The Los Angeles Lakers are one of basketball’s greatest teams by great leadership from Pat Riley, great players such as Magic Johnson and all the leadership and great talent has helped the Lakers win 17 NBA titles and made them the team that they are today.