Followers are called Christians

Belief of Christianity

  1. Christianity is a religion in which billions believe all over the world. Christianity is where you believe God created everything. you, the rivers, and the whole Earth. And we believe that the savior Jesus Christ died on the cross for all of our sin or mistakes and returned 3 days later on Easter.

Holidays of Christianity

Christians all over have many holidays such as Christmas and Easter. On Christmas Christians cherish more than presents they cherish the birth of Jesus Christ. Jesus was a gift from God. Jesus did nothing wrong. He was the most perfect person. Another holiday created by Christians is Easter. Easter is the holiday where Jesus Christ (the Savior) died on the cross by the Romans to sacrifice our sin so we can live eternal life in heaven.
One Thing Remains - Jesus Culture (lyric video)


Above you will hear Christian songs

Symbols of Christianity

There are many symbols of Christianity. One that really sticks out is the cross. The cross stands for what Jesus died on to sacrifice all our sin. So a cross is a really big symbol for the Christians all over the world. Many people where the cross as clothing or jewelry to indicate they are Christian. Another symbol for Christianity is the Bible. The Bible is the Christian book which has many stories and Christian phrases. Every Christian reads the Bible to help them understand what being a Christian takes.

Christian preacher

A Christian preacher can be called many things a priest, and a minister. But whatever you want to call it them they both do the same thing. These people recite the Christian verse or gospel. But the Christian preacher is most commonly known as the teacher of the lord.


the Bible is the holy Christian book that you read to study Christianity. The Bible is filled with many things about Jesus and God. But the Bible also has some other intrasting stories about Christianity.

Holy Christian cities

There are 3 common Christian cities. one of them is Bethlahem. Bethlahem is where the savior Jesus Christ was born. He was born in a little manjer in Bethlahem. The other 2 common cites are Golgotha and Jerusalem. Jerusalem is where Jesus was torchred before he was hung by the cross. Golgotha is here Jesus died and was hung by the cross

Christian place of worship

The Christian place of worship is a Church. At a Christian Church people sing songs about god and Jesus. And they also talk about god and Jesus. Many Churches recite Christian verses in the Bible. And read very cool stories in the Bible. But most churches prey all the time.


1. Besides God which religious figure is common to all 3 religions- Abraham 2. Which view about God is common to all 3 religions- monotheism