International Student Facilitators

International Student Alliance for Tutoring

Are you a UWB international student looking for ways to improve your English language proficiency and/or assistance with cultural adjustment challenges living in the US? Or an international student looking for ways to volunteer and support your peers?

International Students Facilitators (ISF) has created a new program called International Student Alliance for Tutoring (ISAT), which aims to support all international students pursuing an undergraduate degree at UW Bothell through English peer tutoring. Peer tutoring will help tutees learn English, get better grades and successfully earn a University of Washington undergraduate degree. ISF-ISAT peer tutors may also be a mentor by providing advice and tips on adjustment to living in the US, studies, goals for the future, etc.

International students could receive support in these six basic English proficiency areas to succeed in education at UW Bothell. The six basic areas are:

1. Listening

2. Speaking

3. Reading

4. Writing

5. Pronunciation

6. Cultural Adjustment

If you are interested in receiving help in any of these areas, sign-up by clicking on this link a day before you anticipate on getting help, so we can arrange enough tutors to assist everyone:

Additionally, ISF-ISAT peer tutoring aims to build or strengthen tutors skills that are applicable to their academic and professional goals such as, leadership, intercultural communication, cultural sensitivity skills and more! We strongly encourage students to help each other, so if you are an international student that would like to become a tutor, we welcome you!


Tutoring will be located on UW1-3rd floor vista

*Except on the following dates:

April 23 - The Spot

May 2 - UW1-2nd floor vista

May 7 - The Spot

June 4 - The Spot

Tutoring Hours


Wednesday: 12-3pm

Thursday: 1-2 pm, 3-6pm

Note: ISF-ISAT Peer tutors are not professional tutors and are not paid for their volunteer hours.

If you have questions/ concerns, would like more details, or is interested in becoming an ISF-ISAT peer tutor, please contact Lan Le at

We look forward to hearing from you and hope to see you soon!