Analyzing Viola

By Miguel Perez

TN Viola's Identity

The Viola from "Twelfth Night" is shown as a smart, determined, and a loving person. She is shown as smart because she comes up with the idea to disguise herself as a man and serve the Lord Orsino. She is determined because willing to force herself into the low class of a duke in order to find her brother. Also she is very loving is because while she was going through this crisis she dressed exactly like her brother causing people to think that there were 2 people. "How have you made division of yourself" (V I 214).

TN Viola's Gender

Viola is seen as a duke serving the Lord Orsino. She is forced to become her new persona, named Cesario, because she washed up on a shore of a place she doesn't know. Also being a person of royalty she can be robbed, kidnapped, or even raped if she had been recognized by anyone. So she dresses up like a man and comes up with an explication when they ask of how feminine she looks if someone begins to question her female physique. "Conceal me what I am, and be my aid for such disguise as haply shall become the form of my intent" (I I 49-51).

TN Viola's Perception

Viola from "Twelfth Night" is shown as a cunning and loving girl. She is shown as cunning because nobody even notices a thing for the entire time she is Cesario. She shown as a loving because when Sebastian and herself finally see each other it throws off everyone when everyone is on the same scene together. Even her own brother when he states "I never had a brother nor can there be that deity in my nature of here and everywhere" (V I 217-219).

Comparing myself

Between Viola and I we have some differences besides our gender and some similarities. One similarity that we share is that we both will do anything to find someone we love, like a sibling. Another way we are similar is that we both very smart because we both have a plan with anything that could happen if something bad were to happen. However, a difference we have is that she is a cunning person and I can be a dull person myself
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STM Viola's Identity

Viola is seen as an athletic and determined girl in "She's The Man". She is determined because she want's to prove that girls are able to play soccer just as good as boys can. She is shown as athletic because she ends up becoming on the A team for Aillyria, the rival team of her old school, and plays with the boys in the game. She can also be seen as kind of a clumsy because she does make some slips up. Like when in She's the Man she accidentally talks in her own voice instead of her Sebastian voice to Duke but he doesn't notice it".

STM Viola's Gender

Viola being sebatian causes her to change herself entirely and it comes with challenges as well. She must keep herself in character the whole time like changing her voice and also changing the way she talks. Some challenges she faces being a boy is that she can't shower with the boys and she has to make sure her wig doesn't come off. further as the movie goes on she gets into a problem involving her brother to come back early and Duke Orsino seeing olivia kiss sebatian which causes Duke Orsino thinking that she back stabbed him.

STM Viola Perception

Viola sees herself as a very independent and strong woman. She is shown to be strong because she shows that she can play with the boys on a soccer team and can play just as good if not better than them. Also she is shown as independent because she got on the team by herself. A moment in She's the Man is that when Viola scores the winning goal for the team (She's the Man).

Comparing myself

Viola from "She's The Man" and I are very different people. One way she is different than me is that she is a very athletic person and would play soccer for as i am a very lazy person and would rather stay in my bed and play video games. A way i'm different from her is that i would have had people sign a petition to get the soccer team back than dress up as the opposite sex and play with the rival team.

As many ways we are different than one another we do have a few similarities surprisingly. One way we are similar are that we would both be devastated that our favorite club/team would be taken off the list of after school activities and would go far in order to make sure it can come back.

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